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Maya vs. 3DS Max

With only using 3DS max for about 2 weeks, and while using Maya for nearly 3 years, this blog may be a little biased towards Maya.

From what I have used, Maya is definitely the more user friendly software. To get to a tool, it usually takes at most 2 or 3 clicks, with the majority of the time taking 1 click to use the tool. Maya has a wonderful user interface that allows for basic navigations as well as more advanced options. I would also have to say that the design of Maya is far more appealing to a new user than the interface that Max offers.

In 3DS Max it can take quite a few clicks just to be able to use a tool. The interface is also a little bit less user friendly. I feel like it will take a lot more than 2 weeks to fully understand where everything is in 3DS Max. However, Max does have its high points. There are special tools inside of Max that make workflow a lot easier. Maya may have these tools but they are hidden through hot keys. Max has hot keys but most of the tools are right in the viewport for you to use. After 2 weeks of using Max, I still feel as though I don’t have control of the software.

After about 2 weeks of using Maya when I first was introduced to the software, I did feel a bit more comfortable with the interface. To me Maya is just easier to jump right into for basic usability. Again using Maya for 3 years and then Max for only 2 weeks may lead me to being biased. I believe it is very hard to go from a software that you have used nearly every day, to a new software. As I continue to work more with Max, I will update some posts and hopefully I will start to enjoy Max more.

Ryan Emerson